Blogger de fitness mostra como é fácil de enganar as pessoas no Instagram!

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Ahh the difference a flattering pose can make 💁🏼 I love seeing these photos on my feed as it reminds me that we allll have our best angles that we choose to share. The girls you see on Instagram don't walk around with one leg bent and one hip popped and flexed abs the whole time! I don't look like the right version in real life because who the hell stands like that in real life? But there's also nothing wrong with posting your most flattering angle, it's only human. After all, who wants to post that pic of your double chin? 🤷🏼‍♀️Constantly seeing the same carefully posed pic on my feed can get tiring, so it's always nice to see a crappy photo and think, "ohh hey, she's a bit like me" 🙂EDIT: kini is tagged folks!

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Uma blogger de fitness revelou como é fácil manipulares o teu corpo numa fotografia: na verdade, tem tudo a ver com postura.

O Instagram está cheio de “armadilhas”. O ângulo com que tiras a fotografia, o filtro que escolhes, manteres a postura quando a tiras, enfim, é quase difícil ficar mal numa fotografia! A verdade é que há truques para poder sobressair no Instagram e até as modelos têm a conhecida barriguinha!

Madalin Giorgetta fez mesmo alguns vídeos a alertar as pessoas de que não devem acreditar em tudo o que vêem nas redes sociais!

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Both me, both okay ✌🏼I've taken loads of pictures like this of me sitting down but always thought it wasn't "Instagram worthy" to post (where's the face slap emoji? 🤔🙄) to be honest, I was kinda repulsed by my stomach, the longer I stared at it the more grossed out I was 😂How stupid is that? But it's also incredibly normal for women to feel ashamed and embarrassed by our bodies ☹️ I feel like I've come to a point where I can look at all of me and feel comfortable with how I look, flexed or non-flexed, posed or non-posed. As I'm gaining more weight (I'm bulking guys 💁🏼) I feel more comfortable watching my body change from its leanest to its not-quiet-so-leanest. I find myself hoping on the scale and fist pumping the air when my numbers go up, becoming excited as my jeans become snugger and watching my "thigh gap" become smaller and smaller as my leg muscles grow closer together. My journey started with wanting to change my body because I hated the way I looked, now I'm working towards feeling stronger and happier and gaining a bit more self love along the way 💓 I've realised my happiness isn't determined by the numbers on a scale and the size of my jeans, because I'm fitter and stronger and that feels so liberating. I hope I can inspire you to love your body as much as it deserves, because you don't need another hater in your life 👑#beyournumberonefan 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Ela chegou a ser acusada de utilizar Photoshop nas suas fotografias. Para se defender, mostrou um vídeo onde mostra como pode “manipular” o seu próprio corpo para tirar a fotografia perfeita:

Madalin coloca publicações regularmente a avisar as pessoas de que devem gostar delas próprias como são e que não podem deixar as redes sociais mudar a sua auto-confiança.

Eis o que ela escreveu aos seus quase 220 mil seguidores:

“Ahh a diferença que uma pose diferente pode fazer. Adoro ver estas fotos no meu feed, faz-me lembrar que todos nós temos os nossos melhores ângulos, sendo que são esses que escolhemos partilhar.

As raparigas que vês no Instagram não andam por aí tensas e a fazer força nos abdominais a toda a hora!”.